Regional Guests
Andrew Clemson

Andrew is a Dubai-based shawarma enthusiast and writer of “Star Bastard” from Bincat Press, which launched at MEFCC in 2016. After touring the book at various conventions in the UK and USA he went on to successfully crowd fund both a reprint and the second issue.

MEFCC017 will see both the second issue of Star Bastard, along with a special preview of his next comic project “A child of the machine” Andrew is a dog person, but his cats say that’s crazy talk!

Saeed Arjumand

Saeed Arjumand is a comic book illustrator based in Dubai, trained in art from San Francisco. He is currently working in the comic book industry doing small independent titles such as PopApocalypse and more titles to be announced in 2017.

His passion developed at an early age when he picked up comics and realized his love for the creative world these characters live in from that it was his determination to be apart of it. He is determined to achieve his dreams in becoming a big time comic book artist and to work for the bigger companies along side his heroes

Hicham Habchi aka Pyroow

Comic and concept artist, Hicham is very passionate about video games, advertising and comic art especially the concept development side of them. He’s worked with some big names in comics and videos games, like Spawn, Overwatch and League of Legends and is also Co-Creator of the webcomic RAMADAN HARDCORE and member of the Brainoil Factory.

His mission is to spread awareness about urban life through his artworks.

Khadija Al Saeedi

Khadija Al Saeedi is a passionate Omani cartoonest living in Abu Dhabi. Graduated from Cartoon Network Animation Academy and worked as an animation studio artist for four years at Cartoon Network Studios Arabia. During 4 years of hand-on experience, she worked as a character designer, storyboard artist, 2D animator and a concept artist, including developing ideas for TV shows.

She's also a comic artist currently working on "What Happened in 1991?" comic and other projects. Co-founder of Zompie Studio which is an indie animation studio and a Youtube channel that covers art and 2D animation.

Zompie Studio

Zompie Studio is an indie 2D animation studio founded by a group of Arab artists based in Abu Dhabi. Most of the artists were from Cartoon Network Animation Academy graduates. Recently, The studio launched a Youtube channel covering art, games and animation. The studio is aiming to deliver an inspiring content to encourage young aspiring artists to be part of the creative field.

Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan, was born in Wimbledon, in 1971. His parents' home was close to the quintessential All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and a bike ride away from Wimbledon Common. As a child he loved listening to swashbuckling tales of heroism and valour, as well as dabbling in science fiction. He is the author of the young adult fantasy series Last of the Tasburai and Scream of the Tasburai.

As his day job, Rehan is the Regional Consulting Director in the MENA region for a FTSE 100 corporation. He is also a visiting professor at an international business school. Between 2009-10, Rehan was a business columnist for The National newspaper in the UAE. Rehan holds a master’s degree in applied social and market research, as well as an MBA in strategy. He lives in Dubai, with his wife and two children.
Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. @tasburai

Maryam Alzaabi

Born in 1990, Maryam Alzaabi is an Emirati graduate of Architecture and is an artist and illustrator. With a passion for design and art and everything in between. Maryam spends most of her days drawing and creating with her hands almost with any tools or materials she likes to experiment and explore with. She draws inspiration from music, pop culture, fashion, comic books, graphic novels and artists from all over the world, constantly trying to expose herself to different styles and approaches to art. By constantly experimenting with new, different elements to incorporate in her work, Maryam loves refining her artwork and sense of style on a constant basis.

"I often find myself wondering about identity. Asking questions about individuality, aspirations, and the human purpose in order to understand my own actions and emotions. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to break down my own barriers in order to comprehend different feelings that I consider to be a part of my personal character. By closely examining external details and internal thoughts, I’ve been able to explore artistic concepts that highlight different aspects of what makes up a person or object’s individuality in an attempt to comprehend my own. "

Nadia Tabbara

Nadia Tabbara is the founder of FADE IN: and can often be found guest lecturing in one of the fadein workshops or performing at local storytelling and poetry nights around town. Over the last 5 years, she developed the fadein creative methodology from researching writing tools and creative consciousness through philosophy and spirituality. She loves her job so much, she is always available to any of the fadeinfamily of writers and dreamers, even when they whatsapp her in the middle of the night with a creative crisis!

She began her career in her early 20s in the Film and TV industry in New York City where she would spend 5 years on movie sets. She worked on major Hollywood films such as “Step Up 3D”, “The Adjustment Bureau” and “New York, I Love You” and popular TV shows such as “Flight of the Conchords”, “Bored to Death” and “The Good Wife”.

Her life changed when her mentor Jacob Krueger (screenwriting guru) invited her to be part of a master’s class in NYC. Since then, her feature scripts have advanced in Hollywood competitions and her short films have toured and competed in several international and US-based film festivals including SXSW (South by Southwest): Austin, TX and Milano International Film Festival: Milan, Italy. In Lebanon, she received several awards in the 2013 Beirut 48 Hour Film Project including runner up film and Best Writing.

She moved to Beirut in 2011 and opened FADE IN: in 2013. She has written everything and anything because she believes that whatever pushes you to put one word after the other is valuable. She recently opened the Content Department of fadein where hired writers (headed by Nadia) write for film, TV and brands. Most recently, the team at fadein developed and wrote a high-budget Lebanese TV show set to shoot in March 2017 and two of Nadia’s feature film scripts are in their development phase.

When Nadia is not teaching or producing a project, you can find her drinking lots of coffee and hanging out with some imaginary friends.

Yasmine Mehio

While studying architecture at the American University of Beirut, Yasmine discovered her love for both writing and design. In 2006, she discovered the world of fanfiction and has since been an avid (and rather famous!) fanfiction writer, writing over 200 stories to date. She has written fanfiction for ABC’s show Lost, for CBS’s Scorpion and Under the Dome, and most recently, and most prolifically, fanfiction for NBC’s Blindspot. She’s gotten so much attention for her stories online, that the creators of these shows have been known to tweet with her and give her secret spoilers.

Yasmine trained with Nadia Tabbara at fadein for 2 years where she wrote her first feature film, an apocalyptic journey through futuristic Lebanon. This film qualified to the quarter finals of ScreenCraft, a major Hollywood competition, as did the SciFi TV show Pilot she also wrote. She was recently hired as one of the writers of the biggest-budget Lebanese TV show to date. Aside from movies and TV shows, she’s famous for her fan fiction! Yes. Famous.

She’s a guest contributor at Just About Write, writing weekly reviews for CBS’s Scorpion, as well as writing for some of their other weekly features. She’s cowriter for a Blindspot fansite where she writes weekly reviews, analysis and features about the show. The next project she’ll challenger herself with is NaNoWriMo, writing a novel in one month based on the Sleepers pilot that she has written.

When Yasmine is not writing and writing some more, she can be found binge-watching her favorite TV shows and movies into the late hours of the night.

Ali Ahmed Khammas

Ali Ahmed Khammas is a well known regional cosplayer who’s found his way in to the heart of many fans. He’s done many different iconic cosplays like Izenborg, Duke Fleed and Robocop. He won in legendary MEFCC competition for his Ropocop cosplay in Movies Category in 2016. He is the Co-creator of Azzam the Nature Knight and also the creator and owner of the Azzam Costume. He is pursuing his passion for voice acting with a few projects in the field already.

Ali will be talking about his latest creation Azzam alongside voice actors Tarek and Mohammad Al Aribi Tourgane.

instagram: khamas1
Youtube: علي خماس
Azzam the Nature Knight on Instagram: azzam.superhero
Azzam the Nature Knight on YouTube: azzam superhero

Ali Al Sayed

Dubai’s Ali Al Sayed started writing, performing and producing comedy in 2008. His lightning fast wit and rapport with audiences has allowed him to perform in numerous shows on the iconic and historic Comic Strip Live in New York – Headlining in Caroline’s on Broadway, performing in the Gotham Comedy Club and the New York American Arab Comedy Festival. Ali has performed further major international gigs including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Theatre of Change Festival in Greece where he has taught on numerous occasions.

Further to his Stand-Up career, Ali has featured Specials on PBS, CBS, BBC World, articles in New York Times, and classed as “Funniest People in 2012” by Rolling Stone. He can currently be seen on Comedy Central Arabia co-hosting Comedy Central Presents… and was awarded “Comedian of the Year 2016” by Esquire Magazine.

As the Co-founder of Dubomedy, who do “all things comedy”, Ali co-started the first comedy school in the region, introducing Stand-Up Comedy from an Arab perspective and paving the way for many young comedians.

Producing numerous accredited festivals with Dubomedy International Performing Arts Festival, Dubai International Comedy Carnival, led Ali onto having a weekly segment on Abu Dhabi TV and as OSN Consultant, Producer and Presenter. Interviewing artists like Usher, Dave Chapelle, Nick Frost, Cheb Khalid are to name only a few acclaimed highlights.

Ali was involved in the Dubai Comedy Festival not only as curator to the event, but also debued his very own Comedy Special “Onestly Sbeaking” as part of the 10 day bill of hit comedians. The festival saw a perfect line-up of global talent including Dave Chappelle and Trevor Noah, combined with the Hottest comedians in the region, with the likes of Badr Salah, Fahad Al Butteri & Ibrahim Khairallah.

With a significant number of followers and viral acclimation, Ali was recently scouted and considered for a supporting role in Will Smith’s latest movie ‘Focus’. In Nov 2015 Ali guest starred in Dubai’s most successful short film yet – “Two Bellmen Two”. He is now scripting his first feature film and working on a new Arabic show for 2017/2018.

Ali’s aim is creating a comedy industry instead of only importing entertainment – but to export entertainment and give comedians from the Arab world the opportunity on the international big stage.

Mina Liccione

Mina Liccione is an award-winning performing artist, comedian, emcee and arts educator hailing from New York. She has been seen on Broadway in STOMP and Cinderella Ragtime, MTV's The Grind, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The New Pickle Circus, National Lampoon's Motion Picture Pucked, Image Nation’s As One: The Autism Project and acted as the comedy coach for Cirque Du Soliel's Corteo.

She has toured internationally performing alongside stellar stand-up comedians including Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Michael Winslow (Police Academy Movies) and Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) and can currently be seen on Comedy Central Arabia’s Comedy Central Presents… TV Show airing Sunday nights on OSN.

Mina was awarded “Best One Woman Show” at the WOW Festival in San Francisco, was rated “Funniest People in 2012” by Rolling Stone Magazine and was voted “Most Inspiring Woman” in the UAE by Philly Arabia. She graduated with a BFA in Dance, minor in Theater Arts from Marymount Manhattan College and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Performing Arts from New College of California.

In 2008, she co-founded Dubomedy Arts with her husband Ali Al Sayed which is home to the Region’s first Comedy School and all-female troupe; Funny Girls UAE. She is extremely passionate about using comedy as a tool to break stereotypes, unify diverse cultures and helping those in need. The comedy duo also founded the Clowns Who Care Project which brings joy, awareness and support to centers for children with special needs, refugee camps and hospitals.

Mina is getting ready to film her debut stand-up comedy special entitled Mina Liccione: Araby By Nature on May 13, 2017 at Warehouse Four Dubai. Follow her on social media at @MinaLiccione and check out her comical blog

Saeed Rashed Alhebsi

Saeed Rashed Alhebsi is the Author and Co-creator of Azzam the Nature Knight. He is a life/executive Coach by profession and has used his knowledge and skills to develop a character and story which he hopes can share a message of peace and love across all boundaries, believing this work will embody a life that is in peace and harmony with nature. He also has an upcoming book about life coaching that will be announced later this year.

Saeed will be talking about his latest creation Azzam alongside voice actors Tarek and Mohammad Al Aribi Tourgane.

Facebook: saeed.alhebsi.1
instagram: saeed.alhbsi.1
Azzam the Nature Knight on Instagram: azzam.superhero
Azzam the Nature Knight on YouTube: azzam superhero

Sumaia Mohsen Alamoodi

Sumaia’s artwork has been on exhibit at various exhibitions nationally, and she has already published several books with her writings and illustrations. She is an avid designer, having worked on over 40 design projects in her young career. Sumaia has also participated in direction, filming and editing a variety of short films, which have won her several distinguished awards.

Adel Kerboushi

Adel Kerboushi is a Moroccan published comic artist and illustrator based in Kuwait that is influenced by Japanese culture and art style.

He made his place throughout the years in the Kuwaiti art community by being involved in several social events and activities. in 2013, he was invited by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education as a guest of honor to the 3rd Cultural Forum of Art & Education where he gave a lecture about the Manga & Anime art style. He was also part of the judges' committee judging the entries of the forum competition. Today he has “KEYS”, a published comic book distributed regionally and an artbook featuring his works throughout the years.

Ahmed Al Nasheet

Ahmed is a gamer/ actor / voice actor / TV presenter known for putting the Arab gamers on the map in terms of localization and marketing games, he is also one of the first Arab YouTubers to get 100 Million views, he worked with companies all over the world in marketing video games such as PlayStation, Microsoft and Activision. He is one of the hosts of the hit MBC Action shows " Action Ya Eyal " and you might have heard his voice in few games with Disney or Marvel as well as others. He is one of the Middle East’s official FIFA ambassadors with EA Middle East. You can check him running all over Comic Con and hosting some panels and other fun stuff this year hopefully without his puppet. Also check his new brand @We_TheMovement here at MEFCC.

Anas Alfuraih (Ayox)

Anas is a professional international cosplayer, Stage Preformer, Actor, martial artist, Comedian. He is an active cosplayer in many local cosplay contests in the middle east countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE, he Was the youngest and the first Arab cosplayer to participate in the “World Cosplay Summit” and successfully passed the preliminary round for two years in a row (2014-2015) to present Team Kuwait and Arab cosplayers, has been invited to Cosplay preform as special guest in Tai Pai (Tawian Super Cosplay Celebration) where he was awarded with a recognition certificate, he was also recognized by no other than the world class cosplayer Tadaaki ‘jacky’ Dosai who is one of the biggest influential figure in the cosplay industry, Anas was awarded multiple times for his extraordinary performance and dedication for the love of cosplay and made a couple of public appearances on national TV, he was also honored and celebrated by the embassy of Japan in Kuwait. Anas still continues to work towards his passion for cosplay and planning to take it to the next level by using his martial art skills where he recently appeared in a live action video on YouTube to promote the art of cosplay.

Ibrahim Abdulrahman

Ibrahim Basha is one of the most influential social media personality’s in Saudi Arabia and in the GCC in general. Considered the first Social Media influencer in the Gulf Region to deliver his unique comedy sketches using Instagram as a medium! A well known stand up comedian who is able to entertain and engage his audience the moment he places his foot on stage. Currently hosting a weekly TV show airing on one of the renowned MBC Group Channels; MBC Action.
He also has his own show on youtube "باشا لايف" – find him at MEFCC this April!

Kawther Alzuwayed

Kawther Alzuwayed is in love with painting and colors. A self taught artist, her passion for painting fills her heart. She currently owns an online store where she showcases her products and designs with distinctive Middle Eastern impressions. She aims to inspire anyone who has fondness of arts to use their creativity in enriching the Arabic content and production to come up with significant art pieces that represents us in a unique and exceptional way. She has made online courses and two books to teach drawing.

Leyla Ghobadi

Leyla Ghobadi creates mixed media on canvas using a mix of acrylic, spray paint, oil, resins, plaster and whatever she can get her hands on that feels organic for her piece. Her inspirations come from a common thread of superheroes, Manga and Disney. Find her at the Artist Alley at MEFCC this year!

Shihab Aldeen

Shihab Aldeen has been working on the art and animation industry in the UAE for the past 5 years. He has worked on Cartoon Network Studios Arabia on Mansour Season 2, and has worked on several videos games as an artist and animator as Manour Run and Hop Hop Away. He is also the creator and the artist behind the award-winning comic “Alaa the Bounty Hunter Vol. 01”.

Catch him at Artist Alley this year at MEFCC to check out his very first art book, called the “The Fart Book”.

Yasser Alireza

Yasser is a published Saudi illustrator and writer with 15 years experience in the field of visual communication. Born July 31st, 1978 in Saudi Arabia, Yasser attained a BA in Marketing & Media and a minor in Theatre from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, USA. Yasser’s experience as an artist covers vast areas of visual communication, from art direction and copywriting in advertising to film direction and stage acting. From 2008 to 2009, Yasser was Editor-in-Chief and a contributing writer for Design Magazine in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During that time, he also self-published a book of fiction, called ‘Collision KSA.’ In 2012, Yasser was cast as “Mr. Brownlow,” in the theatrical run of ‘Oliver’ at DUCTAC theater company in Dubai, UAE, whilst also running a design studio.

In 2012, Yasser illustrated and designed an Arabic yoga book for children called ‘Baba ana Asad Mama Ana Farasha’ (Papa I’m a Lion, Mama I am a Butterfly), written by Samra Al Abassi. Throughout his 15 years of experience, Yasser’s first two loves are and have always been illustration and comics.

Yasser’s big break was in 2014, when he won first place for creating a one page (non-digital) comic strip, entitled ‘Dhilman’ for a competition hosted by The MEFCC in conjunction with the Dubai Moving Image Museum (DMIM). The prize: a one-to-one session with Marvel’s VP of Content, C.B. Cebulski. The session with Cebulski motivated Yasser to establish himself as a published comic book artist and creator.

Zaid Adham

Zaid Adham is an Arab-Canadian writer, producer, and director with international credits in both film and television. Adham was born on the 14th of January 1983 in Amman, Jordan, and raised for most of his life in Dubai. After graduating in 2006 with a dual BA in Visual Communication from the UK, Zaid went on to do a degree in media post-production in Canada. Between 2006 and 2011, he produced and directed a range of film and multimedia projects, most prominently the documentary adventure series ‘Treasure Hunters’, which he also hosted. In fiction, his work has often been described as Lynchian in tone. Specifically, however, it tends to reflect humanity's fragile state of being. Although he cites the work of Brian Azzarello and Alan Moore as his largest comic writing influence, Zaid's largest comic collection is of MAD Magazines, and he proudly owns a copy of issue #1 from the Harvey Kurtzman era.

Zaid created and developed the concepts of Wayl and Abu Shakoosh in 2011. He then submitted them to the inaugural 2012 Middle East Film & Comic Con, where they won the first ever award for Best Original Artwork. In 2013, Zaid won second place at the MEFCC for Best Original Script for his unrealized feature film project The Descent Into Now.

Fakhra AlMansouri

Fakhra AlMansouri is a game designer, caramel appreciator and future astronaut. She is the founder and CEO of Hybrid Humans, the first independent game studio in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She's passionate about creating video game experiences that matter. She has a background in computer science, business and game design. In June 2016, she was awarded Young Achiever in Video Game Development by FEMINA. Some of her titles include Hop Hop Away and Who Lurks that is an IndieCade Festival Selection and was voted top 50 games of 2016. Also, CSI: Hidden Crimes as part of her short time at Ubisoft studios. When she's not game developing, organizing game jams, or creating workshops to introduce students to game design, you can find her kayaking, bowling or on the hunt for a new caramel candy. Her next big goal is to develop games in space.

"I love videos games because I can express myself through creating these experiences. It's the most immersive medium that could bring joy, empathy and many more emotions to humans. With every project I work on, I learn new things, expand my understanding and appreciation of the world, myself and the human psyche."

Social Media: @HybridHumans

Reem Al Marri

Reem Al Marri is a graphic design student studying at Zayed University in Dubai with a passion for illustration and storytelling. Reem spends most of her day drawing and sketching, experimenting with different techniques and practicing art. She likes to combine different elements from traditional art and digital art in both her illustration and design, in most of her illustrations the lineart is done with pencil while the colouring is digital. Most of her art is inspired by the environment and nature and usually includes different types of plants, flowers, mushrooms and many more.

Faisal Hashmi

Faisal Hashmi is a UAE-based independent freelance filmmaker with a number of award-winning short films under his belt. At the age of 21, his short film 'Perfect Living' screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in 2011, while his next film 'Bubble' screened at various internationals film festivals and won Best Film at Tunisia Human Rights Film Festival. Over the next two years, his fascination with the horror and thriller genre gravitated his short films in that direction. His horror short films 'Scrambled', 'Cold Feet' and 'Sleight' have played at more than a dozen horror film festivals in the United States, Europe and Asia and won multiple awards. On Youtube, his short films have more than 600,000 views combined.

He's currently developing a micro-budget psychological horror feature film to shoot next year in Dubai while working on more boundary-pushing genre short films.
Website -
Twitter -


Faisal ( Fasoleyya ) is a Saudi You Tuber and a gamer who started his journey on You Tube in 2014 . He is specialized in Minecraft, he is also a Vlogger who does pranks and challenges.


Firas Al Juhani from Saudi Arabia, he has Fir4sGamer Channel that exceeded 1.5 Million subscribers. It is specialized in gaming and entertainment.

Khaled Bin Hamad

When it comes to developing the animation scene in the UAE, the passionate Emirati Khaled Bin Hamad never fails to be a devoted contributor. Becoming a successful entrepreneur in the animation and design field in the UAE was no easy journey, but a gradual one that started with a passion to write the first Emirati Sci-Fi comic book while sitting in a quaint cafe in Osaka.

Born and raised in the city of Abu Dhabi, Khaled graduated from the Higher College of Technology with a bachelor degree in Information Technology. He soon got a good job in a Government company. To anyone who didn’t know Khaled, he seemed to have accomplished every young local’s typical success story and did well for himself through hard work and determination. However, the truth was far from it and Khaled knew he was yet to follow his true career path making a positive impact to his country. After taking the difficult decision to quit his job, Khaled went to Japan and eventually graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan with a Masters in Marketing. He then studied Manga Arts (character building and animation) in Human academy in Osaka. His core passion lied in animation.

In 2014 Khaled officially opened his own animation and design company in Dubai called Moving Reflection Productions. He is determined to encourage locals in the arts field to pursue their dreams and take the step in developing the industry. Moving Reflection Productions offers a range of different services including animation, graphic design, infographics, corporate presentations and much more. In addition to this, Khaled is currently working on launching the first Emirati Sci-Fi animation series based in the UAE


Fahad Altimsah, is a Youtuber, he created lPlayAwayl channel since 2011 which has over 1 million subscribers. He enjoys playing games and sharing them with his fans.


Mohammed Tarazi is a Saudi gamer and Vlogger on You Tube. He created his channel (M7MDXD) in 2012, he does pranks and challenges as well. He has 1.1 Million subscribers.


Mohammad Makki – Despite being a business graduate, cinematography is what gets him going. He is the writer and director of the Saudi web series Takki that has gained quite a followership in the region, as well as the writer, producer and director of the new fantasy sci-fi drama Cursed.

Mohannad Bakheet - Mohnnad is a young ambitious Saudi who makes his living in the media field. He is a TV presenter and an entrainment TV shows host with a true passion for media and sports, as well as acting. In his free time he loves inspiring others to help them succeed and extract their full potential.

Razan Mansour – Razan is a young actress and presenter. She skyrocketed to fame after her work at “Howa Wa Heya” Youtube show. The show is followed by hundreds of thousands of fans and her talent did not go unnoticed, so it is no wonder that she was cast in Cursed.

Nadia Malaikah - Nadia started acting in high school in various plays, but didn’t rediscover the acting bug until she worked on a local production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” in 2013. Her first opportunity to act in front of the camera came from the second season of Takki and by now she is a regular on the comedy show "Howa Wa Heya” as well. Recently she has completed an MBC comedy series called Drama Rats, and two feature films Madayin and Blue Muse.

Owaidh Alotaibi – Owaidh discovered his passion for acting when he started his YouTube channel On The Fly (Alatayer) in 2011. After his channel gathered an avid following, he got invited to perform on many other YouTube channels, two movies and also performed on Alcomedy Club Stage. In addition to being a talented actor, he is also a social media activist.

Maan Mansour – Maan is a talented actor who prefers to play the dramatic character roles. He has participated in many interesting projects and television, cinema and social programs. Some of his cinematic works include the movie “Badry” that took part in the Gulf Film Festival in 2009, Arraqsah Almotajamedah movie in 2010 and the Takki series in 2015.

Alaa Alawi – At the age of 37, Alaa is a passionate actor and art lover with an immeasurable love for cinema. He has worked in various YouTube shows and projects, as well as the Saudi web series Takki.

Redwan Alremey – Redwan is a true multi-talent, being an active actor, stand up comedian and writer. With a passion for all those things, he has been involved in a variety of projects, including his recent work in Takki, Jeddah Comedy Club and Tonight With Bader.

Formally, with Fighting Superheroes, alongside Rashwan and Dubai-based band, Riff Raff, Bibars now lends his skills as a bassist for Ras Al Ghul.

Mustafa Abbas

Mustafa Abbas is an award-winning Emirati filmmaker. His last film Sunset State played in seven countries including the Dubai International Film Festival as well the short film corner in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. With his distinct style of filmmaking, Abbas has played a big part in developing the local film scene going all the way back to 2007. He is known as one of the pioneers in the Emirati film industry and has contributed in not only writing, producing and directing films but also has been on the jury for festivals as well as competitions including the first ever Nikon Film festival, and the Community Development Authority which is part of Dubai Government. One of his many highlights was being the guest of honor at a ceremony held by Dubai Customs where he was awarded for his work as an Emirati filmmaker. Currently he is working on a number of projects, some in Dubai, as well as the UK.

TM Faisal

Faisal Alawmi is a 23 year old gamer from Saudi Arabia, he joined You Tube in Dec 22, 2009. He recently reached 1 Million subscribers and exceeded 146,000,000 views. There is a strong interactive relationship between him and his fans whom he calls ( Tmfa’asaliyoun ). He’s an excellent spontaneous commentator and shows enthusiasm while playing games.

Stuee Kennedy

Stuee is an all-round entertainer here in the UAE and has been hosting MEFCC since year one – so whether it be moderating our celebrity panels, appearing as Bane to host our amazing cosplay competition or the legendary Saturday Geek quiz – you can count on him getting his geek on with the rest of our guests this year!

Reshel Shah Kapoor

Reshel Shah Kapoor has over ten years of experience as a film producer on independent films, feature films, short films and clientele work. Furthermore Reshel is a Humanitarian Documentary film director and her last feature documentary, Black Sheep has won over seven international awards including Best Documentary in US and has gone through distribution with Movie Saints. In 2016 Reshel was awarded as Humanitarian filmmaker of the year and Filmmaker of inspiration under the World Human Rights awards film festival, a festival that is run under the banner of the United Nations. Her work as a documentary filmmaker has been noticed from the likes of Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and Kore Asia Media Magazine. In 2015 she was selected as one of the top 15 entertainers around the world to watch out for. She is now currently working on her next two documentary feature films, both to be filmed this year.

Reshel is also a film lecturer at SAE Dubai, she facilitates and conducts lectures in transmedia, film production and documentary filmmaking.

Raya Abirached

TV personality Raya Abirached is one of MBC's & the Arab world's most recognizable faces. A presenter, producer and film journalist (self-confessed movie buff!), she is best known as the host of the region's biggest celebrity movie show, MBC2's flagship "Scoop With Raya", and for co-presenting blockbuster reality show "Arabs Got Talent" on MBC4.

On Scoop, Raya has interviewed all the biggest Hollywood stars from Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz to the biggest ComicCon stars Robert Downey Jr, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck, Samuel L Jackson, Chris Evans (to name a few). She is a regular on the red carpet of the biggest award ceremonies and festivals from Oscars and Golden Globes to Cannes and Toronto.