the mascot
On a steamy morning amidst the heavy burden of the desert’s heat came the strong reality check that ‘Bun’ didn’t plan for. It felt like the pricking rays of the sun were about to destroy his entire system and thus something was about to happen. The mix of the heat intolerance fused with his desire to progress kicked in. He could feel his yellow complexion tingle within and that the time was at hand. In the middle of the desert, and out of nowhere the clouds narrowed down to a halt, surrounding him and a beam shot out of every single direction. From that second on, Bun Bot 5.0 was born!
Our Bun Bot 5.0 had the ability to fly out of the desert and he flew like a shooting star landing with a super hero pose for the ages in the Za’abeel area and monitored the crowd closely. He comes in peace and has assimilated all aspects of this world’s pop culture and wants to you to join him from 6th to 8th April at Dubai World Trade Centre for the most amazing time of your life!