And so it begins... bigger, better than ever before!

Yes, it's that time of year again when super heroes and super fans come face to face with some of the coolest celebs and creative talent from across the region and the world, and as always MEFCC will be kicking up a storm in the wonderful world of comics, movies, anime, manga and all things pop culture!

A massive thank you to all those who attended last year! We are absolutely thrilled to welcome you again and this time to our new home at the Dubai World Trade Centre to take in the sights, sounds and of course, the costumes that express your inner geek in an electric atmosphere! From non-stop panels and workshops to amazing main stage activities there's a whole lot of heroic goodness for everyone to enjoy.

The Con is by the fans for the fans and you're what makes it special so have a great weekend, be good to each other and GET YOUR GEEK ON!

Your guide to MEFCC

We want you to get the most out of this weekend, so here are a few primers for first timers and our repeat MEFCC guests to make your experience optimally enjoyable!

*Keep your wristbands safe -This is pretty much a given but make sure you hold on to this as if your life depended on it, this is your key to everything! e home without it!

*Remember food and drink do not mix well with comics and artwork - if you damage the goods, you may be required to purchase them.

*Plan ahead- There's lots to see and experience at the Con from panels, workshops, to movies and other activities, so plan what you want to see and make sure you queue up or book your place in advance as seats are limited!

*If your costume entails that you will be brandishing a Cosplay weapon or prop, be mindful of your belongings and people around you.

*Most of us will be spending a good amount of time at the Con over the next few days so please try and keep everything as clean and tidy as possible.

*For all seated activities be sure to fill in all seats at the front and in centre first - It makes seating easier for everyone.

*Schedules may change as things get busy so make sure you check the boards, website and MEFCC's official mobile app for signing, movie club and workshop schedules.

Meet the Stars...

Amidst all the action and excitement at the Con, one of the best parts of the weekend is the chance to meet your favourite celebs up close and in the flesh!

*Our celebs will be charging a small fee for their autographs or photo which can be paid for at the "MBC2 Meet the Stars" area.

*There will be queuing lines and you may have to wait your turn for several activities at the Con – please be patient and courteous with those around you

* Our guests are here to meet and interact with you but also they have a set time devoted for signings so make sure you don't spend too much time with them so you can give other fans a chance to meet them as well.

Last but not least, the Con is an annual gathering to meet like-minded people and you can be sure to make lots of new friends! Be courteous and respectful with all other guests, organizers and fellow fans and above all HAVE FUN! No, seriously, or the MEFCC Fun Squad will be out to get you!