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Carl & The Reda Mafia

Award winning Carl & The Reda Mafia is a UAE based Funk/Rock band. Started in 2014 and released their first album "What The?" in 2016.

Opened for Bon Jovi in 2015 and they have secured titles like "Band of Year 2015" - Infusion Magazine & "Band of the year 2016" - Hype Magazine. They were also chosen by iTunes as "Best New act of the Month".

What do you get when an Indian Rock n Roll singer meets an Egyptian Funk and Blues guitarist? Besides the plethora of food that’s going to be ordered – You get a music making machine that’s fiercely unstoppable.

In a land and a time were funk and blues are words that rarely get tossed around, these two maniacs decided to revive the genre with “Carl & The Reda Mafia.” Abimbola (A.K.A Bimbo The Drummer )from Nigeria, who was on the verge of giving up on music, joined the scene after countless failed attempts with metal bands and the like.

The 3 then became 4 when Chris (A.K.A Uncle Bass ) joined the band and after one jam session had this to say “Ok Kids, I think we have something special here “ . And there was no turning back. Carl & Reda compose music that they hope will make a mark on the musical universe of the 21st century. With songs ranging from funk and blues rock to rock n’ roll, Carl & The Reda Mafia plan to revisit, if not reincarnate, the golden era of music.

Vito “The Rat “
Vito (Yes, like Vito Corleone from The Godfather ) is the rat who broke loose from the rat race in search of something more. Vito represents what the band stands for - freedom and the thirst for life. The fearlessness of the rat and its ability to resist the system reflects the bands desire to experiment with the genres and produce music that will stand out from the crowd. Vito is the Bands official mascot, and is the proud face on our logo.

Chronicles of Khan

The Chronicles of Khan emerged in the UAE music scene as a collective of rock musicians or a Rolling Stone ME put it, an entity that exists between a solo act and a hard rock band. A project that started out as an outlet for singer-songwriter Khan soon became a rock n roll powerhouse when his childhood friend Sean Walters took up the role of lead guitarist. The band slowly came together with the addition of Nick Arrieta on Drums, Shez Mo on Guitars and finally Joe as the bands Bassist. Though several members changed in a short course of time, these 5 remained constant and were the basis of the bands trademark sound which is best described as a blend of generations of rock. With influences ranging from Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Beatles to Nirvana, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, GnR to Dave Mathews & Foo Fighters.

Chronicles of Khan has played a variety across various festivals such as Middle East Comic Con, Capital Vibes, Beats on the Beach, Sikka Fair, Azadi Rocks Festival, Truck Jam UAE to more intimate smaller crowds at Dubai’s top live venues such as The Music Room & Stereo Arcade.

Their performances have been known to be dynamically full blown rock n roll shows, full of on-stage energy combining melodic guitar riffs, booming bass lines & animated drum roles fronted by the husky & grungy vocals. On certain occasions, the boys would let their guard down and treat their audience with deep cuts with more MTV Unplugged-style concerts with added orchestral instrumentation.

For a band that’s been around since 2013, the Chronicles had soon enough created a name for themselves and have no plans of slowing down. While all members have been featured or have released their own compositions elsewhere, Chronicles of Khan recorded their first single called ‘Jokers Ball’ soon to be released in mid-2017 along with their first record.

They best describe themselves as a multination rock band deeply rooted in the UAE, a country known to have residents from various cultures, religion and traditions. The Chronicles themselves have had members who originate from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Canada, Iran, Lebanon, England, Croatia, New Zealand & Australia, but are proud to call UAE their home turf.

Written by Damian King.

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Naser Mestarihi

Naser Mestarihi (born 14 October 1987) is a Qatari born Jordanian-Pakistani singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitars, bass & vocals) who is based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Naser is the first rock musician to ever officially release a rock album out of Qatar, the Naser Mestarihi EP. He released his second album the critically acclaimed "1987" on 17 June 2013. Naser released of his third album “Praed Street", a collaboration with globally acclaimed drumming giant Cobus Potgeiter, in March 2016. The album’s release was preceded by the launch of its first single “Prevail” on YouTube. (insert hyperlink to the video on the word Prevail)

Naser and the band kicked off the 2016 season with several well received shows in the UAE. The band is currently gearing up to return to the stage with more live shows in support of the album and releasing more singles off the new record.

Instagram: @nasermestarihi
Facebook: @nasermestarihi


Nawaf is an Emirati electric guitarist and a gaming/anime enthusiast. Publicly known as @nawafsama within social media, Nawaf plays anime and gaming music on the electric guitar and other instruments.

Ali Al Sayed

Dubai’s Ali Al Sayed started writing, performing and producing comedy in 2008. His lightning fast wit and rapport with audiences has allowed him to perform in numerous shows on the iconic and historic Comic Strip Live in New York – Headlining in Caroline’s on Broadway, performing in the Gotham Comedy Club and the New York American Arab Comedy Festival. Ali has performed further major international gigs including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Theatre of Change Festival in Greece where he has taught on numerous occasions.

Further to his Stand-Up career, Ali has featured Specials on PBS, CBS, BBC World, articles in New York Times, and classed as “Funniest People in 2012” by Rolling Stone. He can currently be seen on Comedy Central Arabia co-hosting Comedy Central Presents… and was awarded “Comedian of the Year 2016” by Esquire Magazine.

As the Co-founder of Dubomedy, who do “all things comedy”, Ali co-started the first comedy school in the region, introducing Stand-Up Comedy from an Arab perspective and paving the way for many young comedians. Producing numerous accredited festivals with Dubomedy International Performing Arts Festival, Dubai International Comedy Carnival, led Ali onto having a weekly segment on Abu Dhabi TV and as OSN Consultant, Producer and Presenter. Interviewing artists like Usher, Dave Chapelle, Nick Frost, Cheb Khalid are to name only a few acclaimed highlights.

Ali was involved in the Dubai Comedy Festival not only as curator to the event, but also debued his very own Comedy Special “Onestly Sbeaking” as part of the 10 day bill of hit comedians. The festival saw a perfect line-up of global talent including Dave Chappelle and Trevor Noah, combined with the Hottest comedians in the region, with the likes of Badr Salah, Fahad Al Butteri & Ibrahim Khairallah.

With a significant number of followers and viral acclimation, Ali was recently scouted and considered for a supporting role in Will Smith’s latest movie ‘Focus’. In Nov 2015 Ali guest starred in Dubai’s most successful short film yet – “Two Bellmen Two”. He is now scripting his first feature film and working on a new Arabic show for 2017/2018.

Ali’s aim is creating a comedy industry instead of only importing entertainment – but to export entertainment and give comedians from the Arab world the opportunity on the international big stage.


We are excited to announce that three of the top ‘maids’ from maidreamin, the No.1 Maid Café restaurant in Akihabara - Hinata, Peace and Iroha will be joining to MEFCC this year! Founded in 2008, maidreamin is now the largest maid cafe chain with 17 locations and over 400 ‘maids’ from Japan and around the world. Maid cafes have become one of the biggest new pop culture phenomenons to come out of Japan and this year three of maidreamin’s most loved and awarded maids will perform at MEFCC.

Off stage they will be selling their exclusive merchandise and walking around the venue meeting fans. When you see them take a photo together, talk with them and find out what makes the maidreamin experience so fantastic!



In 2012, Megane Quashie went solo. The singer/songwriter was previously known for her success with the British/French electro pop band, Black Cherry. Yet after a successful journey, she felt it was time to develop her own style and in turn found her new voice. As her confidence in the new sound developed, Megane was soon asked to feature on the remix “Sweet Rosy” by Swedish DJs, Staygold. Soon after the success of “Sweet Rosy”, Megane was introduced to veteran producer, Marcus Price, thus marking the beginning of MEGATRONIC.

Through Megatronics new exciting style of music, Megane Quashie provides colorful palette of lyrics, with her london tones, melody and stage dramatics, while DJ Marcus Prices’ brings the Razor sharp club bangers, futuristic hip hop, post-skweee beats, and gangsta trance anthems to each track.

Mina Liccione

Mina Liccione is an award-winning performing artist, comedian, emcee and arts educator hailing from New York. She has been seen on Broadway in STOMP and Cinderella Ragtime, MTV's The Grind, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The New Pickle Circus, National Lampoon's Motion Picture Pucked, Image Nation’s As One: The Autism Project and acted as the comedy coach for Cirque Du Soliel's Corteo.

She has toured internationally performing alongside stellar stand-up comedians including Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Michael Winslow (Police Academy Movies) and Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) and can currently be seen on Comedy Central Arabia’s Comedy Central Presents… TV Show airing Sunday nights on OSN.

Mina was awarded “Best One Woman Show” at the WOW Festival in San Francisco, was rated “Funniest People in 2012” by Rolling Stone Magazine and was voted “Most Inspiring Woman” in the UAE by Philly Arabia. She graduated with a BFA in Dance, minor in Theater Arts from Marymount Manhattan College and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Performing Arts from New College of California.

In 2008, she co-founded Dubomedy Arts with her husband Ali Al Sayed which is home to the Region’s first Comedy School and all-female troupe; Funny Girls UAE. She is extremely passionate about using comedy as a tool to break stereotypes, unify diverse cultures and helping those in need. The comedy duo also founded the Clowns Who Care Project which brings joy, awareness and support to centers for children with special needs, refugee camps and hospitals.

Mina is getting ready to film her debut stand-up comedy special entitled Mina Liccione: Araby By Nature on May 13, 2017 at Warehouse Four Dubai. Follow her on social media at @MinaLiccione and check out her comical blog

Hamza 3ssam

Hamza 3ssam is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist born in 1990 and raised in Dubai, in addition to being half Greek/Egyptian. He performed in different cities in Egypt & U.A.E in both English & Arabic, delivering that Hip-Hop passion with different hip-hop elements, unique lyrical style & head-nodding flow. He is also a photographer, music producer and an entrepreneur. Aside from his full-time job, he released two albums Cruel Life Made Me in 2010 & The After-Life in 2013 plus singles, achieving a number of over 26,000 downloads. He became a rapper at a young age of 10 and aims to spread his music globally with music styles such as club bangers, deep rap & inspiration rap.

@hamza3ssam Facebook-Twitter-Soundcloud-Reverbnation-Instagram-Snapchat

Nick Marzock

Delivering acoustic pop with a blues flavor, singer/songwriter Nick Marzock brings soulful grooves to indie rock. Inspired by an eclectic array of genres including blues, rock, soul, and pop, Nick derives his sound and his approach from the foundation of his influences while adding his own touch and flavors to the mix of sounds.

Heavily influenced by modern artists such as The Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, Nick also draws from the history of rock and soul from classic artists like Eric Clapton and Bill Withers. Adding his stories and experiences, Marzock shares a familiar sound with his own personal touch in his performances. Nick Marzock delivers a passion of rock with the spirit of soul.

The melodies and the harmonies of Nick's songs are as important as the lyrics and the message that he shares from each song. The detail and attention given to creating the balance between his words and his music give each of Marzock's songs strong foundations with musical and lyrical depth. When on stage, he delivers these songs with an energy that is rivaled by few and representative of the emotion that was had while writing each one. Nick Marzock is a diverse artist in every sense of the word.

DJ Cory

A record collector at heart, who is skilled at playing not only house but funk, disco and soul music. Cory has been Djing since the late 80’s, having learnt his trade whilst working alongside some of London’s top Rare Groove & Funk DJ’s, on the London warehouse scene of the early 90’s.

Cory’s unique style was brought to the attention of one of the UK top dubbing brands Kinky Malinki during the 2003 Winter Music Conference. Within 6 months Cory had become one of their main room residents gracing the decks at MOS, Pacha, The Cross, Egg, Wagg (Paris) Papaya (Croatia) Zinc (Dubai) and El Divino (Ibiza).

He has played for some of the scenes leading nights including Circo Loco (Cross UK), Clockwork Orange, Soul on the beach (Miami WMC), Tribe and Garage City, he has warrned up for heavyweights like Todd Terry, Kenny Dope, Hardsoul, Grant Nelson, DJ Spen, Moodymanc, Charles Webster and Audiowhores.

Ras Al Ghul

Rashwan “Zink” Zaza

Starting off as a musician in the underground scenes of Syria, Rashwan, a true Punk Rock rebel, derives his musical inspirations from the likes of The Offspring, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metallica.bFormally of multiple projects such as Dead Shaked and Fighting Superheroes, Rashwan was the brain child behind Ras Al Ghul and currently stands as vocalist and lead guitarist.

Don “Diablo” Adikaram

Don has been in the U.A.E music scene for well over a decade, earning the name Diablo for destroying multiple components of drum kits throughout the years. Diablo’s drumming style as been influenced practically by all ages of Rock Musicians from bands such as Deep Purple, The Who, King Crimson to Metallica, Iron Maiden to Rage Against The Machine, Porcupine Tree to Limp Bizkit, Bullet For My Valentine and many more.

Formally, with bands such as Steel, Vin Sinners, Chain Reaction to name a few, he is now beating skins and metal, behind a kit for Ras Al Ghul.

Bibars “Beast” Nakhesh

Bibars, a.k.a Beast, a.k.a Steve Harris’ biggest fan. The Beebs has Iron Maiden coursing through his veins, so much so that, even we doubt he knows that he does not play for Maiden. Bibars is a pure, Old School Heavy Metal fanatic as he pretty much worships bands such as Dio, Motorhead – obviously besides Maiden.

Formally, with Fighting Superheroes, alongside Rashwan and Dubai-based band, Riff Raff, Bibars now lends his skills as a bassist for Ras Al Ghul.